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Hotels in Chhattisgarh

Hotels in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh popularly known as “The Rice Bowl of India” came into existence as an individual state in the year 2000. It was earlier a part of Madhya Pradesh one of the states of India. Now it enjoys the status of an individual state. It is one of the most popular Tourist destinations because of the cultural diversity of this state.

It is popular because of the decorative arts, various forms of tribal dances and music. Some of the highlights are decorative pieces carved on wood, Bamboo furniture, Clay pieces, idols carved on wood etc. Some of the most unique and rare dance forms are practiced here; Panthi, Raut Nacha, “Karma” and Soowa dance styles are very popular in the region.

Kosha sarees one of the very popular Indian women wear is also made here only. So a lot of Indian tourists as well as foreign tourists are attracted to Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh provides hotels and accommodation for different needs. You can get four star hotels in Chhattisgarh, Three Star Hotels in Chhattisgarh and Budget/Economy Hotels in Chhattisgarh.

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