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Hotels in Bihar

Hotels in Bihar

Bihar is 12th largest state in terms of geographical size and 3rd largest state by population in India where close to 85 per cent of the population of the state lives in the rural countryside.

Bihar is visited by a lot of indian and forgien tourists because of the religious and culurtal importance this state had in acient Indian history. Ancient Bihar, known as Magadha was a center of power, learning and culture in ancient and classical India. Roots of one of greatest religoin Buddhism are also related to ancient Bihar. It is said that God Buddha achived Nirvana in Bodh Gaya a part of Bihar. So a lot of pepole visit Bihar for the experincing rich ancient Indian history. Bihar is also famous for it ancient Art form like Madubani which depicts famous Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

All this makes Bihar a attractive tourist destination. Bihar provides hotels and accomodation for all kind of toursits and business travelers. Four star hotels in Bihar, Three Star hotels in Bihar and Buget/Economy hotels in Bihar.

Hotels in Popular cities of Bihar :