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Dibrugarh presents numerous famous luxury and budget class hotels to satisfy of all types of visitors. Dibrugarh is also a famous place in Assam which is visited by thousands of foreign as well as domestic visitors. Most of the hotels in Dibrugarh are at the city center. There are some hotels which are very near to the famous tourist attractions. Now a days, hotels of Dibrugarh are increasing as the visitors are also increasing and it is not possible to handle large amount of visitors by those old hotels. These new hotels are well furnished and know the needs of the visitors. There are several hotels which perfectly suits to the foreigners and they always like these types of hotels which provide all those facilities which they need and desire. There are several hotels which are perfectly suitable for those who are business class people, some are suitable for families and some are for foreigners. So there are every type of hotel in Dibrugarh to cater the needs of visitors.

Hotels in Dibrugarh: